Commercial Electrical Service

Commercial Electrician in Wilmington, North Carolina

We handle jobs not just on the residential side but even commercial work. There is no job that we cannot control.

New construction electrical wiring is one of our specialties. With our experience in the commercial field, we know that deadlines are extremely important. Quantum electric is excellent at meeting deadlines and working exceptional.

Sometimes the cost of a project can get in the way of getting it started. This is understandable but also the longer you let your problems linger the more significant issues you could have and more money you’ll need to spend. We want to be the guys to help prevent a home or business from burning down!

The one call we never want to get is one of a homeowner or business rebuilding and needing an electrician because their previous building burnt down. Always stay on top of this important maintenance item. We want a safe and fun environment for all of our customers. If you’re going to hire us or get a bid, please call or fill out a form!

Commercial Electrical Services In Wilmington,NC

» New System Installations
» Power-Quality-Design
» Rewiring
» Consumption meters setup
» Carbon Monoxide Detectors
» Smoke Detectors
» Setup Data/Communication Lines
» Data System Wiring
» Electrical Panels setup
» Power Conditioners

commercial electric service in wilmington north carolina
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